Bare Hand Bandit

It's more than house cleaning.

This is home detailing.

Home detailing through the sincerity of mind and lifestyle changes supported by cognitive behavioural techniques.

What we do

bhb offers two service styles, short term and long term. 

Short term homes recruit bhb in carrying out overdue home duties with the intention to develop skills to support Self and Family in an upkeep regime.

Long term homes hold the desire to gift themselves ultimate freedom from home maintenance allowing bhb to carry out routine deep-detailing.

Initial Visit

bhb will achieve meticulous deep-detailing of your bathroom and kitchen spaces.

4 or 6 hour bookings


  • Washing of ceiling, walls and windows
  • Descaling of toilet, taps, and shower head
  • Mould treatment or replacement of silicone
  •  Treating shower class and offering recommendations for aftercare
  • Wiping down of appliances
  • Internal and external descaling of kettle/oven/microwave

Follow Up

bhb designed this stage of the home detailing service to focus on decluttering and organising bedrooms, living/dining/lounge spaces.

4 or 6 hour bookings

bhb suggests allocating 1.5hrs-2hrs for each room.


  • Removing belongings from all cupboards and draws inspiring to declutter and organise according to your desired lifestyle goals
  • Create an opportunity to mend and move furniture, fixtures and curtains
  • Remove dust and insect debris from floors, walls, ceilings, fans, air-conditioner units, wardrobe tracks, windows (both sides if accessible)

Initial Upkeep

bhb will achieve meticulous deep-detailing of your bathroom and kitchen spaces.

2 or 4 hour bookings

Home Showcase, Upkeep service, weekly,
minimum 2 hours @ $65/hr

Home Showcase, Upkeep service, fortnightly,
minimum 2 hours @75/hr


  • Dusting and wiping of surfaces, furniture, and fixtures
  • Vacuuming and mopping of all rooms
  • Wallspot detailing, windowsills and skirting boards

Self-Upkeep Accessories

Organic bergamot castile soap surface spray (excellent for granite and marble), and cloth


Lemon myrtle acidic surface spray (excellent for kitchen splasback, stove tops and taps)


*Request a home assessment for tailored cost and service.

*Weekend Requests are to be arranged by email or phone

house detailing
About us

A home cleaning service that goes above and beyond your local housekeeper.

Bare hand bandit is Brisbane’s first Home Detailing service. “It’s more than house cleaning. This is home detailing”.

Home detailing is the extension of domestic house cleaning, Home detailing is the action taken to showcase your home exactly how you intend to live in it on a day-to-day basis. You may be a home of love and character, lacking attention, desperately yearning to spend your spare time with family in flow. Yet find yourself weighed down and blocked by expectations of the family home and your capacity in achieving this standard of home care. Or you may be the home where home detailing is a gift to yourself, a thank you for all that you already do.

Yet you find yourself continually searching for a housekeeper that is trustworthy in carrying out the level of detail you expect (and deserve) in the time that has been agreed upon, be consistent and reliable with upkeep service dates, and can offer something special to your home because after all, this is the place for your heart to dream.

bhb was founded on the premise of delivering above and beyond home care. A standard of service that extends above health and hygiene, going beyond in transforming living spaces into a home of optimal flow.


Some of the things our lovely client’s have to say


Gold Coast

"Very happy with your service and you are very personable, so thank you! We will definitely have you over again."


"Sooo happy with the clean! It was incredible! We would love to have you come again on a regule basis!





"Phoebe was fabulous and then some. amazing clean, so professional, absolutely would hire again and recommend."

It's more than house cleaning.